The Lawson Family Camping Curse

(Originally posted June 17, 2013)

It is like me to be paranoid, but I may actually have brought a curse onto two of my friends. The Rimbaud family and the Byron family have camped together multiple times without incident. The only two times my family has joined them, people have developed pneumonia, had a recurrence of a stomach bug, sprained an ankle, and one poor boy who’s only two years old has scraped his chin and cut open the side of his head.

Now, I didn’t intend any ill-will or directly cause any of these incidents, but I feel like I’m gambling with their health and personal safety if I go camping with them again. I like these people an awful lot, and they really don’t deserve this kind of bad luck.

Why do I think it’s my fault? Probably because I’m self-centered and a perfectionist. Plus, I like to delude myself into thinking I can control things in my life. It’s easy to chalk it up to coincidence, but it feels pretty spooky.

One friend said she plans to get some four-leaf clovers and a rabbit’s foot next time, but I doubt that’s going to be enough. I think we’re going to need to sacrifice an animal or one of the children, probably the most badly-behaved one. Hands down that’s going to be my three-year-old daughter. Too bad, she was pretty cute.

What do you think I can do to appease the angry camping gods? Am I really being paranoid or could I be inadvertently jinxing my friends?

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