¡Hasta la Vista 2013!

This post is a look back at some of the wonderful and not so wonderful events of 2013, and also a big “Thank You” to the people in my life who inspire and support me and my family.

The Year 2013

This year I finally stopped just wanting to be a writer and actually started being one. I launched this blog in April, and this is my 44th post. I have 78 Likes on Facebook and 50 Twitter followers. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my writers’ group, especially my friends at Sassy Single Mom, Miss Bookish Girl, and My Migraine Family.

My husband and I took our kids for their first trip to Disneyland, which was a lot of fun, despite the 90 – 100 degree weather. I also went to Nashville for the first time and had a blast. I would definitely like to go back there some time, along with New Orleans.

We’ve only gotten together a few times, but I’m really grateful that my relatives on my father’s side of the family have welcomed me back after years of estrangement.

I celebrated my 40th birthday this year. I got to spend a weekend away with my husband, and we had a wonderful dinner with friends. A friend of mine invited me to celebrate her 40th birthday with a fabulous meal prepared by a professional chef, so I feel like I got to celebrate my birthday twice.

Exercising this year has been a bit spotty. I quit Wushu and Bikram yoga, but I did walk Bloomsday (7.5 mi) and a Rock ‘n’ Roll Mini Marathon (5 mi). I wear my Fitbit religiously all day except while bathing. I’m currently averaging 12k steps per day, and I think I may have lost 3 lbs. over the past few months (it might have been just weighing on different scales, but I’m gonna go with weight loss).

My husband and I finally hung some artwork on the walls, after seven years of lamenting that the walls were bare. It makes our home feel so much more colorful, warm, and lived-in.

I got a beautiful acoustic guitar as a Christmas present, which comes with four free lessons. My husband has already taught me a few chords, and I can play part of one Beatles’ song (All I’ve Gotta Do).

Unfortunately, my Wushu teacher died this year, at the very young age of 50. I think often of his friends and family and wish I could ease their sadness and loss. I will try to follow his example of being passionate, tenacious, encouraging, and funny.

My biggest accomplishment this year was of course taking care of my family. My husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. I managed to keep my children alive and even somewhat healthy and happy. That’s no small feat for me.

For next year, I’m looking forward to deepening my relationships with people in real life and online (especially fellow bloggers), striking a balance between following my dreams and taking time to relax, and being more adventurous.

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