Why Mothers Should Embrace Grandparents’ Day

Check out my guest blogger post on Scary Mommy about how mothers and grandparents each deserve to have their own special day.

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2 thoughts on “Why Mothers Should Embrace Grandparents’ Day

  1. oncealittlegirl May 13, 2014 at 9:43 am Reply

    Welllllll…. I suggested to my grown children that we get together either the Sunday before Mother’s Day or the Sunday after. Mother’s Day they can spend being pampered or pampering their wives. (I have two daughters and two sons.) The men and children cook breakfast and clean up. It’s great. Very relaxing for everyone and no rushing around to get to the next activity.

    Although, I like the idea of a grandparents day, you will never, ever stop being a mother, even after you no longer have butts to wipe. In some ways your job will be easier, in other ways it will be harder. It’s nice to be pampered wherever you are in the spectrum.

    My own mother has a day of her own, where as many “kids” as possible get together and help her plant flowers, clean the garage, and other tasks. She puts together a ToDo list. There are nine of us. It’s good for her, and great fun for us.

    • Frankie Laursen May 13, 2014 at 9:08 pm Reply

      Thank you very much for sharing your family’s experience. My children are only four and six so they can’t really help my husband do everything. Unfortunately, having my mother around often feels like more work, which I can tolerate on most visits, but I tend to resent more on Mother’s Day. She wasn’t around most of my childhood, so she didn’t change my diaper that much, and she totally refused to change my kids’ diapers.

      Mothers and grandmothers come in all different kinds, and I do believe that they all deserve to be honored. I’m getting the feeling that I’ll be happier next year just celebrating Mother’s Day for myself some other day, even if it’s a few weeks earlier or later.

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